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What are the mouldings made of?

Is the system soundproof?

Can I add insulation?

Is the system waterproof?

Can I install in a bathroom?

Can I add lighting?

Can I install this myself?

What if my joists are not level?

How do I deal with bulkheads?

How do I calculate how much I need?

Do I have to leave a gap between rails?

How do I cut the mouldings?

Are the screws included in the kits?

Is the installation tool included in the package?

My panels do not sit flat, what can I do?

Can I install in a garage?

Can I install outdoors?

My rails are warped, what can I do?

I'm not sure how to install, can you help?

Is there space for small wires & pipes?

Are there any other colours then white?

My walls/room is not quite square, will SnapClip work?