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Snapclip 64 Sq² Suspended Ceiling Kit

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Snapclip 64 Sq² Suspended Ceiling Kit

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Enter your square footage to determine how many kits needed.

you will need

The following is an estimate with 6% waste included. This is an approximate based on our experience, if you have any questions please contact us! *Calculation is square footage divided by 64 multiplied by 1.06 rounded up to the closest full kit.


SnapClip 64 sq. Feet kit is an easy way to order everything you need for 8ft x 8ft room. For larger rooms, purchase multiple 64sq² kits. 

The Snapclip System is a DIY drop ceiling solution that allows anyone to install an amazing looking ceiling in any room on their own.

We've designed it to be easy to install without needing any renovation experience, and with a limited toolset.

Once the system is installed it hangs just 1 1/8 of an inch from the bottom of the joist keeping your ceiling height intact. The tiles are easily removed for quick access to plumbing, wires, and ducts. The tiles are also easily modified for all lighting systems, vents, and speakers as long as they are secured to the joist, not the tile themselves. 

In order to determine the number of kits you need to determine the square footage of the room and divide it by 64. Always round up to ensure you have enough. The 64² kits are the most cost-effective way to install the system. 

  • 4 Pc Rail (96")
  • 4 Pc J-Mould (96")
  • 12 Pc T-Bars (2')
  • 15 Sets of SnapClips
  • 16 Pc Panels (64sq.ft) - Packed in Separate Box
  • 1 Pc Installation Tool and Instruction
  • 100% Made in Canada